MRT Complex (Meal Replacement Therapy)

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$80/Carton of 28 Sachet/ 20mg (Get Latest Price)

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Brand Name: Edmark MRT
Place of Origin: Riyadh

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THE BEST WAY TO LOSE WEIGHT is to eat less, have a proper nutritional diet and exercise. These will cut the unnecessary fat and maintain the body’s ideal weight.
We recommend MRT Complex, a meal replacement therapy designed for people who wish to embark on a fast, safe and effective weight loss and maintenance program.


L-CARNITINE Accelerates fat metabolism to turn body fat into energy. It stimulates fat breakdown and reduces triglycerides and fatty acids to prevent fat accumulation in the veins and arteries.

LECITHIN Contains choline which helps in burning fat that is stored in the body’s tissues to support weight loss. Helps restore liver functions.

ISOLATED SOYA PROTEIN This is easily digested and absorbed by the body, and it helps to lose excessive fat but not muscle.
FRUCTOSE A natural sweetener that is extracted from fruits and honey that is safe both for people with diabetes mellitus or hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar).
EDIBLE FIBER Gives bulk satisfaction and reduces hunger pangs.
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